• Make payments
    securely with just 1 click
    Available on mobile phones
    from any bank account.

Connect your bank accounts


Download and install the CashFon app. It is free and available for iPhone and Android.


When launching the app for the first time, you will need to create a purchase password which you will use to confirm the purchases you make.


Through your bank’s mobile or online banking service, specify which accounts you will use for making payments.

Buy things

Make secure 1-click purchases, confirming them only on your mobile phone’s screen.

Credit cards
are no longer necessary

Only mobile phone and any bank account.
After you confirm the payment with the password,
your bank will execute the payment directly
from your bank account to the seller’s account.

No forms to fill
for making payments

The payments are processed by the unique transaction number provided to you by the seller.

ESCROW-service for fraud protection

The seller receives the money only after you have received the package and if you have no complaints.

Place an order

Fill your basket in one of the online stores authorized by us and choose a payment option via CashFon.

Comfirm payment

Confirm the payment on your phone, using the purchase password. After you do that, the bank will block the payment amount on your account.

Receive package

Check whether the delivered goods match your order.

Complete payment

If you have no complaints toward the seller, confirm the payment. Otherwise, you can cancel, and the money will not be sent to the seller’s account.